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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Something to die for

Some comments on an interesting article at GodSpy.
It talks about the ability of people to suffer for vanity or material goods but the difficulty in doing the same to bear spirtual fruit. It also brings to light how we can make even the smallest inconveniences or temptations opportunities for mortification.
It does make one think about their priorities. Look at what people will put themselves through on some of those makeover shows on TV. Isolation from their families, humiliating shots of themselves in their underwear on national TV and the pain and suffering of recovering from numerous surgeries. All in the name of beauty and self esteem. What kind of greater happiness might one achieve by going to similar lengths in the name of God? Certainly, they won't put you on TV because willingly undergoing pain and suffering for God is so middle ages. Today's society just can't get their heads around mortification. It is because people can't see a higher purpose to suffering that we're so willing to embrace euthanasia for the terminally ill and elderly and infanticide/abortion for disabled or deformed babies. There is a value to pain and suffering.
The great thing is we don't have to wait until we're dying to unite ourselves with the suffering of Christ. We can offer up the little things, the difficult co-worker, the driver who cuts us off and the rude shop clerk. Or even the personality clashes of a Worker House. It's only a tiny fraction of the suffering Christ endured for us but we can use it as an opportunity to join with Him on the cross. When adversity rears its ugly head we can exclaim, "Thank you Jesus!" (Think "Serenity now!")
If we don't want to wait for everyday troubles we can mortify ourselves. We don't need to wear belts with inward facing spikes, we can do as the writer does; take a cold shower. Maybe try kneeling in mass without the kneeler. Wake up an hour early and go without coffee to an early mass.
Look at what you are 'suffering without' in your life? Is it an IPod? Then you need to rethink suffering. Do you lay for hours in the sun to tan but cringe when Mass goes over 45 minutes? Are you 'dying' to go under the knife for perfect boobs but refuse to kneel during Mass because it hurts? We must consider what we are suffering and dying for in this day and age and what Christ and many other early Christians literally suffered and died for. May we be so lucky to be in their company one day. But only if we are willing to exclaim "Thank you Jesus!"