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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A New York Times Protest

I do not often remark on current events but today I will make a brief exception. The New York Times has written an editorial demanding an apology from Pope Benedict regarding a speech he recently gave in Germany. Check out openbook for full explanation.
Here is an instance where as Catholics, if we all stood together we could make a difference. A strong statement would be made if all Catholic subscribers dropped their subscriptions today. When the Holy Father, the leader of our Church, is defamed what other provocation do we need to take peaceful action? If anything, this is the final straw. We don't kill, or bomb, or threaten but we can't ignore these attacks on our faith either. Protests would simply bring more publicity to the paper and to the protesters themselves. We need to all quietly and peacefully deal a serious blow to the pocketbook of the Times. Stop supporting the Times with your money and let them know we will not allow them to slander our faith anymore. Say a prayer for the souls of the newspaper staff, for their conversion as well as a prayer for our pope who can always use the added support.