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Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Christian Revolution of Our Own Part II

There was a time when the Church could raise an army and fight a crusade in a effort to save a holy city. Could the pope raise an army today if Rome was burning? Would Catholics from around the world rush to the Vatican and sign up?
Muslims offended by a Danish political cartoon started a boycott which drained the income of some Danish industries(among other responses.) An American writes a book, which in my opinion is the literary equivalent of spiting in Jesus's face, and Catholics shell out money to read it and watch it on the big screen. Cartoon = jihad; Blasphemous dime novel about our Lord and Savior = NYT best seller.
Why do we as Catholics take it? Look at our numbers. There's millions of us, can't we get it together enough to take a stand on something? If we all acted together with our pocketbooks, since that's what the real world pays attention to, could you imagine the impact? If all 60 million of us in the US boycotted companies who gave tons of their profits to Planned Parenthood don't you think it would make a difference? If we all acted together instead of following our political party, our whims, trends, the latest celebrity what would happen? Can you imagine if every Catholic, or even half of us, spent one hour a week in Eucharistic Adoration? Or one day a week helping at a hospitality house aiding the poor? We would have our revolution.


shelray said...

Can you imagine? I think complacency and fear of judgement are a couple of reasons "we" are failing to do, what we ought to do. Too "fat & lazy", choosing to make life for ourselves as comfortable as possible and avoid conflict at any cost. I am as guilty as anyone of not doing more. Good topic for discussion.