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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

From Real to Radical

A quick explanation is in order regarding my motto or saying or whatever it's called, "The details of my transition from the real world to the radical Catholic world."
I currently reside in "the real world." It's that place you enter after high school or college where everyday you get up and you work for eight hours to get money. And you use that money to pay for the biggest house, the nicest car and the nicest and newest gadgets you can afford. And regardless of whether you like working or not, you do it until you're 65 so you can make as much money as possible to afford all these things you need, and all the accompanying interest payments. You get married when you're good and ready, you have kids when you're good and ready and God has nothing to do with your life until something goes wrong and then you pray to Him, "Lord, I'm not ready to handle this!" The real world doesn't make sense and isn't fair but you go along with it anyway because "that's life." As my father in law says every time something doesn't go our way, "Welcome to the real world."
So anyway, I exist in the real world...Mostly. I've started planning my escape right here on this blog. I'm taking baby steps in the direction of the Catholic Worker Movement. It's radical because I'm going from suburban mom to homesteading volunteer. It's radical because everything the Catholic Worker Movement stands for is so contrary to "real world" values. If you want to talk about a truly alternative lifestyle, don't bother talking about the gays or the poligamists (so yesterday). Instead, try getting people to accept you as a truly self reliant Catholic, living a lifestyle rooted in the principles of the Church and the Worker movement. That's radical.