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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Insignificant trivialities

This was passed along to me so I don't know the origins but felt it post worthy.

"Dr. Leslie Flynn writes about the time when the English and French
were at war in colonial Canada. "Admiral Phipps, in charge of the
British Fleet, was ordered to anchor outside Quebec, a city on the
St. Lawrence River. He was to await the coming of the British
infantry and then join the land forces in attack.
"Arriving early, Admiral Phipps, an ardent nonconformist, was
annoyed by the statues of the saints that adorned the roof and
towers of the Catholic cathedral. So he spent his time shooting at
them with the ships' guns. How many he hit we don't know, but history
recorded that when the infantry arrived and the signal was given for
attack, the admiral found himself out of ammunition. He had used it
for shooting out the saints."
I often wonder in the church how much of our efforts are poured
into fighting among ourselves over insignificant trivialities instead
of uniting our efforts to attack the real enemy."

What might our Church accomplish if we could unite everyone from SSPX'ers to liturgical dancers under one true holy, Catholic and apostolic church? The devil is not just at work in the secular world; I wonder if he accomplishes his greatest work by sowing seeds of dissent, pride, cowardice and apathy from inside our Church. Points to ponder.