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Monday, October 30, 2006

Weapons of Mass Creation

So in the midst of my internal dialogue I stumble across this great website, Path to Freedom. And it all clicks into place. The Dervaes family lives on 1/5 of an acres in downtown Pasadena, CA and they manage to produce enough organic produce to feed their family, some animals plus excess to sell. And they only cultivate half their land!
"The ultimate goal is to live as simply as possible in harmony with nature and ourselves. A back-to-basics lifestyle that will re-establish us to the land, healing the disconnection of our lives and leading to the restoration of the earth. ...
It is time to move beyond the unsustainable, unfulfilling, mainstream culture. We need to research WHOLE solutions, doing more than reduce, reuse and recycle, going beyond the fragmented and narrow band-aid solutions which postpone consequences for a time but don’t change anything permanently, especially ourselves, the source of the problems.
As the world faces ever increasing danger based on its dysfunctional system, there is a critical need to look ahead with a new vision, a vision which sees that a step backwards is progress. With the severe shortage of hand-to-mouth workers only getting worse, we intend to use our hands, to employ them as weapons of mass creation."
Excerpt from Mission and Vision statements: Path to Freedom

I don't need acres and acres. In fact learning to be self sufficient on a smaller parcel of land could prove much more beneficial. What's the use of having a large Jersey farm to teach people the agrarian lifestyle if they'll never be able to afford Jersey land for themselves? However, being able to offer real options for cutting food and energy costs on a suburban or city lot makes a difference to those on a fixed income right now. Dare I hope for a .7 acre city or suburban lot where I can safely raise my family, grow our food and daily serve those in need without ticking off the local zoning officer or neighbors? An East Coast Path to Freedom with a radical Catholic twist? Keep praying.