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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

A Mockery of Traditional Values

If you're on the fence this election season here's a website to help you narrow down your choices. If Michael Shiavo is supporting a candidate in your state, chances are that candidate ISN'T worth voting for. Unless of course you agree with the political persuasions of a man who's only claim to fame is killing his wife.
"The sanctity of marriage and personal privacy – the right to make life’s most personal decisions for ourselves and our families free from government interference – are fundamental freedoms and American beliefs that I hold dear. Politicians in Washington and Tallahassee made a mockery of these traditional values when they forced the government into the middle of my family’s tragedy and the personal decisions that were rightly between me and my wife and our god."
Michael Schiavo

I'm all for keeping the goverment out of our business. As mentioned in earlier posts, they tend to screw up anyway, HOWEVER, murder is a crime in all 50 states last time I checked and most of the world seems to agree with us in that respect. I wonder if Schiavo's god follows the 10 commandments as well, because I'm pretty sure the God who gave those to Moses was against murder as well.
Why is it liberals were all up in arms when the legislative and executive branch tried to stretch their powers to save a woman's life, but they're willing to let activists on the judicial branch reinterpret the constitution anywhich way? They want lefties on the bench to call the unborn 'tissue' or 'a womens choice' and call euthinasia 'a personal family decision'. As long as we keep it in the family, I supposed murder is okay. But yet, liberals scream foul about parents who want the right to teach their children at home without state interference. We can be trusted with killing our children and infirm but not educating them?
And then if we get behind our president and legislators to put a stop to the judicial abuse, people like Schiavo take to the soap box screaming;
"And make sure the folks don’t forget where their representatives stood when it came to forcing government into my family’s most personal and agonizing decisions. Because if they could do it to us, they can do it to you. We need to elect leaders with true, traditional American values and some backbone to stand up for them – who respect the sanctity of marriage and put our fundamental right to privacy before political opportunism." M.S.

It's amazing what some people consider to be private in this day and age. And sound bites on marriage from a man who fathered two children with another woman while his wife was in a "semi-vegitive state." Political opportunism indeed. Be sure to visit Schiavo's blog and leave him some comments on the great job he's doing supporting the party of death.