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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back to the Start

For the past week or so I've become obsessed over my SiteMeter. It's to the point where I started writing posts in the hopes of getting a link from a larger blog to bring in more readers. I was so focused on getting more traffic that I lost sight of what I started this blog for; documenting a radical personal journey, with a dash of Dorothy Day on the side. So while the things I wrote about interest me, and relate to Catholic Worker ideals, somewhere along the way, I accidentally strayed too far off course. There are many other worthy blogs that provide commentary on current events; that is not what I set out to do and it is not my goal to become another such site in the search for SiteMeter hits. So, if you jumped on board recently, you might see a shift in content. If you're one of the few who have followed from the beginning you might start seeing some of the more introspective pieces I started with. If you enjoy what I write great, tell a friend, if not, I won't obsess about not seeing you back. My thanks to those who tag along for the ride.


shelray said...

That site meter can be such a menace! Keep up with what you're doing, It's a worthy blog with a worthy mission.

trm said...

I don’t think your posts have been off target much. Maybe the Shiavo one, but posts about the failure of state care for children, or the posts about the elderly help highlight the need for personal Christian charity.