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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Not this time

So, less than two weeks from our closing date, the whole deal for this 2+ acre property tanks. Of course I'm disappointed, but I don't feel too bad. Previous experience taught us to be diligent and I'm confident we explored all avenues before walking away. Had the property been better represented from the get go, we probably wouldn't have even gotten our hopes up. Thankfully, the Lord led us away what would have been a disaster with very clear and definite signs. Sometimes, it's hard to figure what the Lord is telling you to do. Other times, you're so sure of what you think the Lord wants you to do you ignore everything telling you you're wrong. And then there's times like these where, God made it very clear, it just ain't happening.
I kept thinking, and praying for it to work out, telling God that this was the perfect site for all our hopes and aspirations. His will was surely for us to get this property at all costs. Luckily, we didn't ignore all the warning signs. We made sure God wasn't telling us to go about things in a different way either. Its hard when you realize what you thought was an answer to a prayer (aka this property) was just another milestone on your way to what God really has planned for you. I know something better awaits. I hope I know it when I see it and don't get distracted by something else. This lesson was not as costly as our previous real estate transactions so I'm thankful for that, and now we'll be that much more prepared when the real deal shows up. Until then, it's back to the daily grind which should be easier since I'll be spending less time arranging furniture and planting crops in my mind.