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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Fools for Christ

"When I was young I would wake up and wonder about the new people I'd see or what new and interesting thing I might end up doing. I would be full of new plans, and I would be interested in the newest ideas. I'd want to read everything 'new and interesting': those words always went together. Then we got our Catholic Worker family going, and all of us have the same kind of lives. We aren't looking for new twists on this life. We're not hoping to meet so-and-so and then a new so-and-so. We've already met everyone who counts - the Lord and those who followed Him, His disciples, and some of the saints of the church, who help remind us what He was really like. And we've met one another here in St. Joseph's House or in other hospitality houses, and we know that together we're all that any of us could ever hope to find: a big bunch of 'fools for Christ.' We're foolish kin, you might call us."
Dorothy Day, "...A Radical Devotion," pg 140