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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I have been very uninspired lately and thus, short on blog posts. Although the headlines list numerous atrocities, I am, so far, unable to write anything of substance on any of it. My thoughts are consumed mostly with my daily grind; housework, homeschooling, hunger and my health (which I don't care to discuss here.) Lent ceases to contain any deeper spiritual insight for me this year so far, which probably signifies I'm doing something wrong.
My husband mentioned that the pope suggested more contemplative prayer during Lent. I plan to get right on that as soon as I find a quiet time in my day when I won't fall asleep. Most of my prayers and reflections have been very self centered and my meditations on the daily readings are so rushed as to hardly count for anything. Maybe I expect too much during this season. I read about the transfiguration last night and maybe I'm hoping for something brilliant and breathtaking like that.
I'm also trying not too get too wrapped up in planning our future; the 'wheres' and 'whats' mainly. But also, trying not to jump into too much from the get go and deciding do we just do what is easiest for the family or should the needs of others figure into our plans.
So for now, I'm plugging along. Trying to make the most of Lent and my day. When the mood to write comes back, you'll know.


Anonymous said...

So for now, I'm plugging along. Trying to make the most of Lent and my day.
Sometimes enduring periods of dryness takes a great deal of faith and is therefore pleasing to God when we persevere, despite not being rewarded with the consolation of his presence in our hearts. I know where you are coming from, and feel pretty much the same as you this lenten season,getting frustrated with myself, thinking I'm not doing something right.
God Bless.