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Monday, March 26, 2007

Live simply, to give more away

I've been preoccupied lately with thoughts of real estate. Namely, a lovely 2.65 acre plot with a dilapidated house listed for a song. The property showed up at a time when I was discussing with the Lord where He would like us to settle down. With your prayers dear readers, perhaps this lovely lot could be the base for something special. My husband and I certainly hope so. I'll keep you posted.
Between sketching out floor plans and figuring financing options, I did come across this interesting gentleman.
"Hal Taussig wears baggy jeans and fraying work shirts that Goodwill might reject. His shoes have been resoled three times. He bought his one suit from a thrift shop for $14. At age 81, he doesn't own a car. He performs errands and commutes to the office by bicycle. He lives on the outskirts of Media in a narrow wood-frame house that was built for mill and factory workers. And he has given away millions." [snip]
"A lot of people donate money to the less fortunate but live in high style themselves. Hal sacrifices in his own life by living very simply in order to have more money to give away."
Read the whole Inquirer article here.

Taussig makes millions through his travel company Untours yet he lives happily on Social Security and savings from his wife's income as a bookkeeper for the company years before. Rather than tithing to charity, he seems to give the poor a salary and keep a tenth for himself. He specializes in giving low income loans to help entrepreneurs out of poverty. (I know a Nobel peace prize laureate who could learn something from this guy.) Proof that you can be happier in the giving than receiving and joyful with the little you have. What a shame, how few people will see Taussig for the kind man he is and instead view him as an anomaly or tightwad or depression era penny pincher. Capitalism would be great if all successful businessmen shared their profits the way Taussig does. What did you do with your paycheck today?


Marilee said...


I am Hal's daughter...thanks for the kind words about him. I just wanted to say that the neat thing about my dad is that he gets to do exactly what he wants....he just thinks that accumulating "stuff" is way less fun that solving big interesting problems and living by your principals. I wouldn't want anyone to think he is unselfish....he just redefines what it is that truly feeds our "selves"...and he prefers meaning and a sense of purpose to buying more c**p from the mall. There is video where he talks about this at