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Monday, December 18, 2006

Points to ponder

A hodge podge post as Christmas rapidly approaches. I must admit though, I'm much less stressed this year than before. It's finally sinking in that Christmas STARTS on the 25th. So if my cards arrive on the 27th, they're still Christmas cards, even if all my family members have already thrown out their trees. If the gifts I'm mailing to the Midwest are late, they're still Christmas presents even if my nieces don't know what the Octave of Christmas or Epiphany is. We'll be watching Christmas movies and reading Dickens into January because we know it doesn't have to all get crammed into the next 7 days.
If you've been splurging at 'Holiday' parties throughout Advent, you have a final chance to redeem yourself for Christmas. This Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are Ember Days. We'll be baking Christmas cookies on Thursday.
And finally, be sure to check out this recent post on Lamb and Dragon. Nate makes some good points. I've been thinking about civil disobedience quite a bit as I read 'The Long Loneliness.' While I respect Day's work across the board, from the picket line to the byline, I question the actions of some in the name of peace; for example:
"During a plow shares action four years ago, Gilbert, Hudson and Platte cut through a chain-link fence at the silo containing a Minuteman III missile and used baby bottles to dispense their own blood in the shape of a cross on the silo.."

I will ponder this and do a longer post...eventually.
Happy belated Gaudete Sunday.


Nate Wildermuth said...

Hi Kelly! Great stuff here. Thanks for linking me. I've added you to my blog, and look forward to reading more of your thoughts. :)