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Thursday, March 08, 2012

My New Blog is Up! Swing by when you're done here.

In a quiet house with all five kids in bed, I can now sneak off and wrap up one last loose end. As I mentioned on here in August, I was working to create a new blog, one more in tune with how my day is now spent. It was a crazy fall, full of homeschooling, medical appointments, family birthdays and then Christmas. I was so thankful for January and a less hectic routine. But by then I had committed to performing in a play (yes, really!) and so it was not until late February that I finally got my new homeschool blog up and running.
It's really meant to be a humorous look at homeschooling. There's already so many other great homeschooling moms out there producing inspirational Catholic homeschooling sites with great resources, I knew I needed to find my own niche. I couldn't compete with the experience and advice these ladies could offer! But I do have some book lists and history resources I developed available to download for free. As I create lessons for my homeschool, it's easy to share the files with the world, so if it can benefit someone else, why not?
Mostly, though I want to get back in the habit of writing, and to write happy, fun and joyful work that makes others smile. I've made a conscientious decision to be an optimist; to not let my sons illnesses shape me, or my family, in a negative way. I have every reason to be a pessimist, but I choose to focus on all the wonderful things that happen in my home on any given day and share that smile or laughter with someone else who may need it.
So check me out over on my new site 'This Ain't the Lyceum'. It's where classical homeschooling meets the real world and my motto is, "Around here, it's ain't the Lyceum, but it's home education that works for us." Hope to see you there!