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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back for good

Would you believe I was away again? Family trip to the shores of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York plus an overnight train ride to Chicago. A nice trip overall but very exhausting.
Sorry to leave you with so little reading material. Now that September is inching closer I can start thinking about the fall routine and hopefully pencil blogging into my planner more regularily. My travels have given me ample ideas for posts and the 1st birthday of The Next Worker is just around the corner as well. Methinks it a good time to examine my mission and see what a year's worth of posts has done for me.
So stay tuned, things will be picking up again!
"The next day was the feast of the Assumption, which always reminds me of that saying of St. Augustine's "The flesh of Jesus is the flesh of Mary," and emphasizes to me the dignity of her humanity, just as the feast of the Sacred Heart emphasizes the love of God for man. The feast of the Assumption together with the doctrine of the resurrection of the body makes heaven real, and goodness knows we need to grow in faith and in hope of heaven in this perilous life which we nevertheless so treasure and cling to."
"On Pilgrimage - September 1961"
By Dorothy Day
The Catholic Worker, September 1961