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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Next Worker Farm?

As you know, my family is working on acquiring a 2.65 parcel to turn into our own homestead/Worker farm thingy. Things look promising, and I'm not a total basket case as I'm wont to do because I've left it with St. Joseph to take care of. Hopefully, he won't hold it against me that I left him buried at a previous residence. (It was totally an accident I swear!)
Anyway, we're having a hard time coming up with a name. So I need suggestions. I like St. Benedict, St. Joseph or anything Marian, however, despite my traditional leanings, I'm not interested in a Latin name.
So if anyone has a catchy farm name, please pass it along. If there's enough interest, I'll even do a poll and let my readers vote on the name. Please leave it in the comments or email it directly to me.
Once the property is officially in our hands, I'll give you all the details, with pictures. Maybe I'll even make the renovation a regular feature, as I'm sure it will give us many moments to reflect upon and question our decision, our sanity and our future.