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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


So what are my long term goals? How do I hope to apply the information I'm reading to my life? What is my personal philosophy? How does the Catholic Church play into all this?
I've got a lot of questions and I'm only begining to form some answers but some things are certain from the get go;
The Catholic Church is the one true Church and therefore, everything I do is rooted in Her teachings, which are the teachings of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I am called to be a saint and to help others, especially my family, to be saints as well. My actions at all times must lead souls closer to God, not to Hell.
My goal is to live out a life as close to Christian perfection as possible. Obviously I'm going to fail miserably at times, but God will give me the grace to keep going. I believe God makes it very clear, not just through the Church and Her traditions and the bible, but through our common sense, and our conscience (well formed in the faith mind you) to what is right. I have always found, for me anyway, that the truth just clicks. You know in your heart and in your mind, when you have heard the truth. Harden not your hearts!
Some' truths' that I have come to realize and want to build upon; voluntary poverty or simplicity, helping the poor without judgement, movement away from a centralized goverment, self reliance and sufficiancy. These things all hit me a different times and I struggled to make sense of them until I saw them all together in the Catholic Worker Movement. My aha! moment.
Although hard to fully into words now, I hope to elaborate more on each sentimant in coming posts.


Felix Culpa said...

Don´t forget to look at a library (or your own) copy of _Revolution of the Heart_ about D.D. I also like many of Peter Maurin´s "Easy Essays." Good luck!