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Friday, April 30, 2010

Puddle Hopping

Puddle Hopping, originally uploaded by KMantoan.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tidying Up

BTW: I'm updating all my links and blogrolls. If you know of any good sites that I've missed please let me know. Thanks!

A break from great events...

So, despite telling some people otherwise...I'm going to come back to blogging- at least for the time being. I've uploaded a new template, added a profile avatar and got *big* plans for this site. If I ever figure out html, The Next Worker will really be rockin'.
I'm not even going to attempt to bring everyone up to speed on what I've been doing for the last year, but suffice it to say life has thrown some major curve balls my way, some good, some downright disastrous. But, we persevere.
I'm reading the collected diaries of Dorothy Day and her consistent writing has really motivated me to put my thoughts down again. I've started a private journal and from that, I hope to glean ideas for posting. The principles of my life are still Catholic Worker principles, so you'll see a continuation of the themes already mentioned in earlier posts. But I will introduce you to my family more closely and to myself as well. Here on our acre of earth, we are practicing what we preach as best we can, and finding the trials and tribulations that come with merging modern society with traditional values of all types.
And now, picking up where I left off...
"We always write on the great events later. When we live we do not write."
-DD 1/4/52